【Sohu News】Boosting the Reform at Supply Side for BuildingMaterials, HengTen Networks Introduces the Supply Chain Service of FineDecoration

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      OnMarch 20, Youcai Platform, which was organized by China Association of RealEstate Industry, held 2018 Innovation Conference on Youcai Supply ChainManagement of China's Real Estate with the theme of "Empowering theIndustry with Data, Establishing the Benchmark through Integrity, and Salutingto Workmanship" in Beijing. In the conference, participants discussed theinnovation of the supply chain in the real estate industry and theestablishment of the personnel system for the supply chain operation. Xu Wen,Chairman of HengTen Networks Group, was invited to attend the conference.

Scene of the Supply Chain Management Innovation Conference

      At theconference, Xu Wen, Chairman of HengTen Networks Group, delivered a speech withthe title of Socialized Services andInnovations of the Professional Supply Chain. Chairman Xu Wen said,"Over the past 10 years, China Evergrande Group has adopted thestandardized operation model with unified planning, unified bidding, unifiedprocurement and unified distribution, and established the national unifiedprocurement and distribution supply chain system which has the highest degreeof standardization in the real estate industry, the largest procurement scale,the simplest model of cooperation, and the best partner team."

      Accordingto further introduction of Xu Wen, Chairman of HengTen Networks Group, in orderto solve the prominent problems such as the obvious trend of the homogeneity ofthe products in the building materials industry and the expansion of the gap ofinformation asymmetry, China Evergrande will open the supply chain system tothe whole society and the market, use its own advantages to empower theindustry, and  spare no effort to build agreen, open, convenient and innovative socialized service system. Based on this,  in the second half of 2017, with thesupport of China Evergrande, HengTen Networks launched the Internet materiallogistics service, took full advantage of the massive building materialssupplier resources and 10 years of fine decoration experience of ChinaEvergrande,  put forth effort to build a"one-stop" building material purchase and supply platform, providedhighly cost-effective building materials, and strove to become China's mostcompetitive supply chain service provider of the building materials for finedecoration.

Chairman Xu Wen Introduced the Material Logistics Service of HengTenNetworks

      Accordingto data, as an industry leading Internet service integrated operator, withthe  brand endorsement of ChinaEvergrande (HK.3333) and Tencent Holdings (HK.0700), HengTen Networks carriedout in-depth integration of high quality resources with new technology and newmodel, focused on developing new growth drivers and cultivating  new forms of business in the post servicemarket of real estate;  its currentbusiness layout covers three major businesses including Internet communityservice, Internet home service, and Internet material logistics service.

      It islearned that, with respect to the network material logistics service, HengTenNetworks had signed strategic cooperation agreements with hundreds of domesticand foreign famous brands, and selected more than 3000 products, covering allcategories of fine decoration. At the same time, by taking full advantage ofChina Evergrande's yearly centralized purchasing volume of dozens of billionsof RMB, HengTen Networks reduces the purchase costs for purchasing enterprises;with the support of its perfect product quality management system, HengTenNetworks also ensures the stability of the product quality. In addition,HengTen Networks is building the information management systems, including thewarehousing logistics system covering the whole country, and WMS/TMS, so as togradually achieve stable supply and targeted delivery.

Chairman Xu Wen Introduced the Advantages of the Supply Chain of Evergrande

      In hisspeech, Chairman Xu Wen disclosed that HengTen Networks has already introducedtwo customized materials packages, including the home decoration packagecustomized for the decoration business of the decoration enterprise and theengineering decoration package customized for fine decoration projects of smalland medium real estate developers, the functions of which cover the room, thebedroom, the kitchen, the toilet, the balcony and other decorating spaces; theproducts include cabinets, interior doors, , tile, floor, integrated ceiling,toilet utensils, kitchen appliances, latex paint and other main decorationmaterials. For the design of the home decoration package, the popular modernismis selected, with highly cost-effective product configuration, which applies toa variety of home decoration scenarios and can meet the use and matchingrequirements of different decorative users; the design of the engineeringdecoration package selects the most popular simple European style of currentresidential villas, mainly with diversified and personalized  matching forms, and the products are selectedfrom  domestic and foreign famous brands,which are both green and environmentally-friendly and first-class quality.

      At theaward ceremony of the conference, China Evergrande was selected as one of the"Top 20 Trust-worthy Supply Chain Enterprises among Top 100 Real EstateEnterprises"; Chairman Xu Wen was appointed as the special adviser of thetraining plan of "E-house Walton Youcai Supply Chain Project". Itshows that China Evergrande Group and HengTen Networks Group have been highlyrecognized by the industry in terms of the management and innovation of thesupply chain as well as the establishment of the personnel system for thesupply chain operation, etc.

Evergrande Real Estate is Appraised as One of the "Top 20 Trust-worthySupply Chain Enterprises among Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises"

      Theinnovation of the supply chain in the building materials industry has alwaysbeen strongly supported by China's national policies. In October 2017, theGeneral Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting the Innovation and Applicationof the Supply Chain. This is the first programmatic document in terms ofthe supply chain. It was proposed in 2018 Report on the Work of the Governmentthat we should step up the supply-side structural reform, while the innovationof the supply chain is an important support for the supply-side structuralreform.

      Accordingto industry insiders' analysis, the supply chain service of the buildingmaterials for fine decoration is the trend of innovation and development of thesupply chain in the building materials industry. The intelligent supply chainsystem with big data support, network sharing and intelligent collaboration,which has been created by HengTen Networks, will effectively boost thesupply-side reform in the building materials industry.